Dear Colleagues and Dear Students,

The 2 nd International Congress of Beysehir and Its Vicinity: Lake, City and Civilization; will be organized by Selçuk University in October 06-08, 2017 in Beyşehir Anamas Guest House.

The main theme of Congress was determined as Beyşehir and its vicinity with the motivation of lake, city and civilization concepts. Such a theme is preferred in terms of Konya / Beyşehir region because this region has played an important role in having been hosted by various civilizations along with natural beauties. In addition, having a rich cultural and tourism heritage remaining from these civilizations became an important factor.

In the rapidly developing world, various organizations are carried out every year. One of these organizations for the year 2017 will be the 2 nd International Congress of Beysehir and Its Vicinity;Lake, City and Civilization;. Our congress will host valuable scientists, educators, researchers, artists, sector representatives, undergraduate and graduate students who have done research in various fields related to Beyşehir and its surroundings together with the Region of Lakes. In the congress, revealing the issues in terms of micro history, in line with social and human science, business-economy, science, engineering, agriculture, health, etc. specific problematics under the framework of sciences, and as well as to solve problems in the region and to examine new approaches based on Beyşehir and Lakes region, within the context of changing world conditions were aimed. In short, the development of Beyşehir and its environs along with Konya province is aimed in order to move to the future. We hereby wish to promote this geography on international platforms which is the cradle of civilizations from Neolithic ages to day along with its deep cultural heritage. We also aim to move the tourism potential of this heritage to the future with a strong consciousness.

Important dates related to the Congress have been announced on our website. All submitted full texts will pass through the blind review process.The congress proceeding book planned to be published before December 15, 2017. The Congress papers can be presented in Turkish or in English. You can participate our congress with a paper, poster, or as a listener. The conference proceeding book will be published as an e-book. You can visit our website ( for detailed information about the congress.

As Selçuk University, Beyşehir Municipality, Beyşehir Governorate, together with various academic, private and non-governmental organizations, we will be honored to welcome you to Beyşehir a city which is praised by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad by saying;Heaven is either here, or is under this place; in order to express the natural beauty of the region.

With our respect and greetings.

On behalf of ;

Selcuk University Tourism Faculty

Selcuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Tourism Faculty

Selcuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business Administration

Selcuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat School of Applied Science

Selcuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Vocational School

Congress Chairs:

Prof. Dr. Necmi UYANIK

Dean of Selcuk University Tourism Faculty

Prof. Dr. Mehmet ZENGİN

Director of Selcuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Vocational School of Applied Science